TLV Smile was founded in the year 2000 by Dr. Ronen Ofek, a certified dentist and bio-statistical analysist from the university of Tel-aviv, that has fulfilled a childhood dream of “becoming a dentist”. From the very begging the goal was to establish a clinic that aspires for excellence in its doing, to give out high quality treatments, with great care, in order to provide a long-lasting result for years to come.

We have a variety of treatments, from a simple check-up, when we are always pleased to say “everything looks in order, see you on the next check-up”, all the way to first aid treatments, preventive treatments (calculus removal), restorations, gum treatment, surgical treatment, complex oral rehabilitation and esthetic treatments in order to improve the beauty of one’s facial skin.

We include a team of general and specially qualified dental care-givers from different fields of specialty, so that even complex procedures can be made under one roof top. Our doctors work together, sharing knowledge and lead each case hand in hand in order to achieve success. In your visit you will meet a group of oral hygienists, our lead secretary that’s runs the office and dental assistants that work as hard as they can in order to ensure a pleasant stay for our patients.

TLV Smile is located at Tel-Aviv, HaArba’a Towers and is filled with natural sunlight throughout the day. The clinic was built off the principles of Feng Shui – so that we are able to enjoy a functional and convenient working space. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to work efficiently while maintaining the highest standard of sterilization. 

Understanding the patient’s personal needs, tailoring the right treatment for each patient, making sure that the treatment is done pleasantly and with care for it to last the test of time. Those are the goals we aspire to achieve, and will continue to aspire in the future to come.