Welcome to TLV Smile dental clinic.

 A healthy and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth and oral cavity are important at any age for healthier living and improved quality of life. a well fit smile induces self-confidence and allows us to better connect with others. For the last two decades and with much excitement, we have been able to create a such smiles for our patients that have upheld the test of time.

We have a diverse professional staff of dentists who work together as a team. They work passionately with a great believe in their work. To our veteran customers, thank you for choosing us as your health providers.
We Appreciate the fact that you entrust your dental health in our hands. The entire Team of TLV Smile is always glad to meet new patients. We are hoping that soon you could enjoy a healthier mouth, a more natural look and a happy smile. For that we are willing to go to great lengths, Dr. Ronen Ofek and the entire team.


The Dental Team

In our clinic you will find a loving and caring staff of Workers. For us it is important that you feel safe and secure. At the clinic, We Employ a group of dental hygienists and Doctors from different fields of study but to all a common goal of work- To succeed in the treatment of each patient in the most calm and efficient way possible.


Restorative treatment

Preserving our teeth clean and healthy from caries and gum disease, prevents further unnecessary treatment in the future. Dental hygienist’s treatment, fillings and restorations, removal of old amalgam restorations, Root canal treatments and removal of wisdom teeth are corner stones of preventive and restorative dentistry. Such treatments are performed in the TLV smile clinic- at extremely high standard of care, in order to preserve our natural teeth for years to come, without having to suffer from tooth and bone lose.


Accurate Prosthetics

Prosthetic treatment of missing teeth is done efficiently with the help of dental crowns, porcelain bridges and dentures. Dental implants are a standard tool of care that have been studied for years in order to help us achieve a stable and secure prosthetic treatment. At TLV smile, a highly diverse team of dental physicians plan out tailer made prosthetic treatments with utmost attention to detail in order for you to enjoy the result for many years to come.


Tailor made aesthetics

Our search for aesthetic improvement in the facial region is a personal necessity for many of us and for some is like a dream that is waiting to be achieved. Such goals can be met with the use of: injection of facial fillers, teeth whitening, white restoration use, zirconia crowns and porcelain veneers. At TLV Smile- an aesthetic look is considered to be a one that fits well in our society and gives off a healthy and fresh appearance.


End of treatment smile

Whether you came in for a short maintenance treatment, or a full mouth restorative treatment, it is important that we finish with a smile, so that we mutually feel that we were able to achieve our goal. Seeing a healthy oral cavity at a checkup and telling our patients that “everything is fine”, reliving patients of pain, the excitement we all feel when we see that fresh new look or, at best, knowing we were able to restore someone’s ability to eat- those are the things that drive us forward each day, and what makes us come back home with a smile.


Clients Talk and share the last 20 years of trust and healthy smiling.

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