Tooth whitening for a gray tooth

במקרים רבים, שיניים קדמיות שנחבלו מאבדות מחיות השן וכתוצאה מהפגיעה משנות את הצבע והמראה הטבעי.

Many cases of tooth trauma cause teeth to lose their vitality, thus causing the teeth to change color resulting in an unnatural look.

Yonatan, a 25 years old student from Canada, has come into the clinic while visiting the country and has complained about “a gray tooth that looks unnatural while speaking or smiling”. Yonatan was injured in the anterior teeth region a few years. After a clinical check-up we understood that the tooth wasn’t vital. Pictures 1 and 2 can illustrate the darkened color of the tooth. The first step was to undergo root canal therapy in order to clean and seal the root canal. Afterwards we placed a whitening materiel inside of the tooth, such a procedure is called “unvital tooth whitening”. In contrast to vital tooth whitening, the whitening process happens from inside out. This is possible only when root canal therapy was carried out beforehand. After a week we could firmly seal the opening through which the whitening material was placed with a tooth-colored sealing material. At the end of treatment (pictures 3-5) we were able to obtain a desirable tooth color similar to adjacent teeth. The treatment is considered to be conservative when compared with crown placement as the procedure requires preparing the tooth. Yonatan was pleasantly surprised from the quick and effective treatment and has been coming in for regular check-ups ever since. It is important to say that once every 3 years (on average) some of the cases might need to re-do the whitening process because the effects might decrease.