Implant supported removable acrylic denture

במקרים של לסת שלמה מחוסרת שיניים, שיקום קבוע על גבי שתלים מצריך התקנה של מספר רב יחסית של שתלים.

When patients present with a completely edentulous arch, fixed prosthetic rehabilitation requires the placement of many implants.

In some cases, we would prefer to place less implants, about 2-4, and on top of them we can create a denture that will connect with our implants via special connecters. Although some might view the situation of having a removable appliance as a liability, it is hard to deny some of the advantages of the treatment. Placing a smaller number of implants can rid us of bone grafting procedures. The ability to remove the appliance at will can allow the user to maintain excellent oral hygiene around the implants. Acrylic dentures can replace not only teeth but also lost gingiva to give off a much healthier, more natural and young-looking presence. And just as a bonus- this treatment is cheaper than our fixed alternative. The case before you shows off the procedure of 4 implants that have been placed in the lower arch. They have special “female connectors” attached to them (picture 1). The “male” part of the connector is connected to the internal surface of the acrylic denture (picture 2). This way we can firmly connect the denture to the implants (picture 3) but still be able to detach it independently. The balanced occlusion (picture 4) allows high quality chewing ability, well pronunciation and gives off a natural look.