Extraction, implantation and immediate prosthetic rehabilitation

במקרים מסוימים ניתן להתקין שתל מיד לאחר עקירה ועליו לחבר כתר זמני. טכניקה זו של השתלה ושיקום מידי לאחר עקירה חוסכת זמן בהשוואה לטיפול המסורתי שבו ממתינים פרק זמן של חודשים בין השלבים.

Some cases allow us to place an immediate implant and temporary crown at the day of extraction. Such implantation and further prosthetic build up grants us the privilege of not waiting several months in- between each step, like it is done traditionally. Furthermore, with an immediate crown in place we aren’t required to fabricate a flipper which is a removable appliance that is used to fill in the gap of the missing tooth (an unpleasant appliance you could say…). New studies support this method, stating that the immediate implantation approach results in a more natural gum look overall. It is important to mention that this technique is not relevant for all cases. The extraction site must be absent of infection and primary stability for the implant has to be achieved. The case before you shows a patient of ours, Tzipi, as she came into the clinic with a broken central tooth (picture 3). Inside of the socket we placed an appropriate implant (picture 4) and right after we connected an acrylic temporary crown to the implant (picture 5). From start to finish the process took about an hour and a half. Healing in this case is quick and painless. After 6 months we replaced the temporary crown with a permanent zirconia core (picture 6) that was laboratory fabricated and on-top of it all sits a permanent ceramic crown with a zirconia internal surface (pictures 7-8) that fits well in the environment of the patient’s mouth.