Complete implant supported- cemented ceramic bridge

במקרים של הרס כללי למשנן המצריך את עקירת כל השיניים, ניתן באמצעות שתלים וגשרי חרסינה קבועים לבנות מחדש את כל המשנן באופן קרוב מאוד ל”דבר האמתי”.

Cases that present with a badly destroyed dentition that require extractions of all teeth can be restored with fixed ceramic bridges on top of implants in a way that resembles the “real dentition”.

We are talking about a transition to a healthy mouth with teeth that would allow the patient to chew comfortably, speak clearly and look esthetic. In the eyes of many, having a removable appliance is indication of “old age”. The case before you shows off a drastic change that can be achieved via such a treatment. Pictures 1-4 present the initial state in which Aaron came into our clinic. Aaron presented with: active caries lesions, progressive periodontitis, faulty restorations and  unsteady occlusion. All teeth were diagnosed as hopeless and there was a need to remove them all. During the transition from permanent teeth to implants we placed temporary bridges. Gradually we removed all of Aaron’s teeth, waited a while for healing and then placed the implants. The implants were placed strategically in both arch’s (pictures 6-8). Implant site placement is critical for a long-lasting prosthetic treatment. After Implant integration within the bone, permanent ceramic bridges were designed (picture 9) and cemented permanently to the implants (picture 10). Aaron’s smile at the end of treatment can be seen in pictures 11-12.