Inter Dental gap

Tova is a 76-year-old jewelry store owner in Tel-Aviv and has quite an eye for esthetics. Her chief complaint was: “the gap between my front teeth and the tooth next to it bothers me. It looks unesthetic when I smile. Although I am troubled by it, I don’t want to go through a complicated treatment”.

Diagnosis: Inter dental gap that forms through the course of many years due to tooth movement. Classical treatment options are: teeth alignment or porcelain crowning. In this case, such treatments although could work, do not add up with the patients request of a simple treatment.  A crown for instance usually also requires root canal treatment and tooth preparation. Alignment is a long and tedious process.

The solution we suggested was to close the gap with the use of tooth colored restorative material(composite). The treatment lasted 45 minutes, did not require us to endanger tooth vitality or to sacrifice unnecessarily tooth structure. As a bonus the treatment cost was much cheaper than other options which require the help of a laboratory. The result before you is satisfactory and has a high chance of lasting for years. The patient was overjoyed with the pleasant look she received with just 45 minutes of time. It is important to state that such treatment can be performed only on instances that the gums are healthy.