Anterior open bite

Einat, a 34-year-old fashion designer with high self-awareness has come into our clinic with a chief complaint of: “it bothers me that my teeth don’t close in the front. I don’t want to go through a long treatment of teeth alignment. I am looking for a quick and effective solution to my problem”

Main diagnosis: anterior open bite with metallic exposure of the old crown on the gum region and gum inflammation. Anterior open bite is a common result of childhood poor habits such as thumb sucking, during which the thumb puts pressure on the teeth resulting in movement leading up to the current problem. It could also impair speech. Other times this could be the result of mouth breathing(which is an incorrect way of breathing usually). 

First step of treatment included a mock-up. This is when we build a wax model designed ideally as we would like to shape the teeth and then presenting this to the patient while simulated in the mouth.  after we received Einat’s approval we began with a whitening procedure on the upper arch, followed by replacement of the faulty crown to a zirconia crown. Zirconia blends better with the gum margin. Finally, we finished with 3 frontal laminate placements. The treatment lasted about a month, that is in comparison to at least a year if alignment was done. At the end of treatment, the anterior bite was closed almost completely and the gums healed at the site of the crown. The result is esthetic, and the front teeth look at harmony with the rest. Einat can smile fully.