All around dental breakdown

Restoring a worn out and broken dentition due to chronic periodontal disease with the use of dental implants. Aaron, a 50 year old self self-employed worker who provides services for customers on a daily basis, came into our clinic, worried and skeptical about his appearance. He said “you most probably won’t be able to help me, my oral situation is in bad shape and other clinics didn’t want to handle me because I had a heart attack not too long ago”. Aaron complied about eating difficulty, speech problems and a general avoidance to smile. He also stated that he didn’t want removable devices.

We began with extractions, leaving a few teeth un-extracted in the meantime in order to build a temporary restoration. Thus, we allowed Aaron to feel better and also evaluate for ourselves the amount and location of implants we needed. From the very beginning Aaron had started meeting our dental hygienist regularly to provide him with detailed instructions on how to keep his new mouth clean from now on. The treatment went on by installing implants on both arches and then connecting porcelain bridges with fixed cementation. Through this treatment we were able to restore Aaron’s ability to eat, talk, smile and feel well about himself. We are happy that Aaron now keeps his mouth in order and comes in for regular cleanings and check-ups. He now tends to smile a lot more to his customers as well.