Restorative treatments

Keeping our teeth free from caries and our gums intact are the way to avoid unnecessary treatment in the future. Calculus removal, restorations, old amalgam removal, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal are the corner stones of restorative dentistry. Such treatments take place at TLVsmile with high standards, in order to preserve our innate teeth and gums for many years. Most of the adult population of Israel suffers from caries and gum disease. It is also known that there is no connection between socio economic status and education with oral health, although fear of going to the dentist could be a factor. Postponing dental treatment could lead to unwanted treatments.

At TLVsmile we acknowledge the basic treatments that are needed in order to achieve oral health.
These include: regular checkups, oral hygienist’s care and instructions, restorations, old amalgam removal, root canal therapy, gum therapy and surgical procedures.
We believe that an effective treatment can produce good outcome at the simplest of procedures. Thus, we will first try to save a tooth with decay so that endodontics won’t be needed. If an old endodontics treatment is failing, we will try to renew it instead of extracting the tooth. Finally, if there is no way to save the tooth, we will extract it in a professional and safe way to protect the surrounding tissues.
From our experience, it is best to get treated as soon as possible. And even if we “missed” or “neglected” ourselves for some time now, it is best just to come in for a check!