Restorative treatments
Our goal is to preserve all that we can within the oral cavity as we go along and treat decayed teeth as well as light gingival disease. Treatment includes: Esthetic filling that match tooth color, plaque and calculus removal, root canal treatments and single unit ceramic crowns.

Gum treatment
Our goal is to heal gum disease and prevent recurrence of such disease in the future. Treatment includes: deep pocket cleaning (root scaling), gum surgery, building up gum material and bone before implant surgery to prepare for future prosthetic and plastic surgery of the gums in order to improve smile esthetics.

Endodontic treatments (“root canal treatments- RCT”)
The goal is to heal the disease inside the tooth and the surrounding support structure of the tooth. Such infections occur when the tooth pulp has been infected or inflamed. This is done in order to prepare for later prosthetic treatment. The endodontic stage is crucial for future tooth longevity. Treatments include: Initial RCT, retreatment of previous RCT, treatment of previous complications, and endodontic surgery (“RCT” in a surgical manner)

Surgical treatments
The goal is to remove sick teeth that cannot be preserved(extractions) and to improve the amount/ structure of the bone and gums in the process of rehabilitating the mouth as a preparation for implant surgery. Treatments include: simple and surgical extraction, Implant surgery, Sinus lift and other techniques in order to build up lost bone structure.

Prosthetic treatment
Our goal is to prosthetically restore the worn out and broken-down dentition, fill in gaps (of single teeth or full arch rehabilitation), improve aesthetics and to redesign the smile (smile makeover). Classical treatments include: ceramic crown and bridge units, partial and full dentures, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Modern treatments include the placement and fixed/ removeable prosthesis on dental implants.

Facial skin treatment
The goal of such treatments is to improve the overall look of our skin and to achieve a healthier and natural look. Treatment is done with the use of local volume maintaining materials that are injected and also with the use of botox injections to deal with wrinkles.